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Markert & Cominolli PLLC provides a broad range of legal services pertaining to the protection, enforcement, and maintenance of soft intellectual property rights. Members of the firm regularly practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and United States Copyright Office (USCO). M&C's attorneys work with a wide variety of clients, both domestic and foreign, and routinely partner with foreign law firms to protect the rights of foreign clients in the United States.

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Strategy & Clearance

  • Counseling on brand selection and drafting goods and services identification
  • Pre-filing availability assessments
  • Advising on domestic and international filing considerations
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  • Filing and prosecuting U.S. trademark applications
  • Preparing and filing responses to USPTO Official Actions 
  • Seeking international protection through a network of foreign law firms
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  • Preparing and filing Declarations of Use and Applications for Renewal
  • Attending to Post-Registration activities from the USPTO, including audits
  • Coordinating and providing guidance for watch services
Internet law and cyberlaw as digital legal services or online lawyer advice as a 3D illustration.


  • Strategizing and acting on sending and receiving cease and desist letters in trademark rights disputes 
  • Negotiating resolution of infringement disputes
  • Representing interested parties in prosecuting and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings before the USPTO’s Trademark Trial & Appeal Board
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  • Advising, drafting, and negotiating licensing agreements, assignments and sale agreements
  • Conducting due diligence services related to common law and registered copyright and trademark rights
  • Preparing and recording documents with the USPTO affecting chain of title
Hands hold paper with copyright symbol. International legal rights intellectual property sign, patent protection. Copyleft trademark license. Creation ownership against piracy crime law infringement.


  • Advising on and and drafting documents relating to copyright assignments and works-made-for-hire
  • Preparing and filing of copyright applications with the USCO
  • Preparing and recording documents with the USCO affecting chain of title

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